Pedagogy-Academic Standards

April 28, 2008

Academic Standards

Implemented a whole school approach, which meets the diverse needs of students and creates a highly effective learning community.


• Sharing/Modelling of good practice to the whole staff through staff meetings blog’s etc –

(Curriculum Coordinator/Jackie Benny/Lee Casuscelli)


 •Open classrooms with team teachings, lesson observation ,buddy system, mentoring. –

(Curriculum Coordinator/Jackie Benny/Lee Casuscelli)


•Motivational Speakers.

• Accessing to other subject programs

•Mapping out programs from yr7 to yr 10 for cross curriculum development.

(Curriculum  Cordinator/Teaching learning Committee/PCO)


• Assessing student learning styles to assist in lesson planning ie multiple intelligences.

(Lee C to provide resources.)


• Student evaluations

•Sending teams out to other schools to observe strategies etc


•Identification and Engaging gifted and talented.

(Toni Sheehan)


•Staff development in diverse needs and teaching practices.

•Quality teaching program to make sure our teachers are up to date.


Contemporary resources including ICT are effectively used to motivate & Support students active participation in their own learning.



 • Reviewing our Curriculum which may include program writing focussed on good pedagogy.

(Curriculum/KLA coordinators)


• Expanding use of technology beyond the computer ie Library

(Librarian/Tony Sheehan) 

• Promote and resource the Library further.

(Librarian/Tony Sheehan) 

• Better use of audio Visual resources ( use of discussion, worksheets and follow up)



• Transition of feeder schools.

(Pastoral Care Coordinator,AP)


•Improve planning for assessment tasks when using ICT.

(ICT Coordinator)


• Displaying and Celebrating student work on website, school newsletter and in other areas in the school

(ICT Coordinator)


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April 28, 2008

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